29th March to 3rdApril 2012


The primary objectives of the event are to raise money for nominated Zimbabwe Charities & to promote environmental awareness in an adventure race where human competitors & tough, natural environs clash in a melting pot of hardship, courage & true grit passion. The inaugural Ironwill Eco-Challenge was held in 2000 & each year since then has evolved as the ultimate adventure event North of South Africa. Each year's events have proved to be enormously successful & continually attracting new & old entrants.

Ironwill's Ethos...

Fundamentally a fund raiser for nominated Charities in Zimbabwe.
Organised and presented with the participating athletes as our focal point.
  Their satisfaction, well-being and enjoyment of the race are our primary goals.
  We aim to deliver an unsurpassed and unforgettable Ultra Endurance Event
That it will introduce the endurance experience to promote environmental
  awareness in an adventure race.