From the 21st to 26th April 2011


Athol Evans Cancer Association Child Heart Foundation Dorothy Duncan Island Hospice Shirley Cripps St.Giles
2002 Z$ 706,110 Z$ 856,710 Z$ 796,360 Z$ 626,760 Z$ 701,560
2003 Z$1,987,096 Z$1,904,099 Z$1,863,049 Z$1,991,123 Z$ 856,710 Z$3,342,863
2004 Z$4,928,786 Z$3,798,786 Z$4,246,286 Z$3,603.786 Z$3,928,786 Z$10,423,786 Z$4,076,784
2005 Z$35 mill Z$36 mill Z$20 mill Z$20 mill Z$25 mill Z$20 mill Z$26 mill
2006 Z$285 mill Z$280 mill Z$308 mill Z$280 mill Z$280 mill Z$295 mill Z$279 mill
2007 Z$63 mill Z$21 mill Z$21 mill Z$23 mill Z$34 mill Z$20 mill Z$19 mill
2008 Z$32 trill Z$30 trill Z$30 trill Z$31 trill Z$32 trill Z$31 trill Z$31 trill
2009 US$1,948 US$1,785 US$1,740 US$1,913 US$2,403 US$1,740 US$1,882
2010 US$ 940 US$ 900 US$1,280 US$ 900 US$ 890 US$ US$ 850