Entry Fee...

US$ T.B.A. per Team Member (We are finalising details, PLEASE continue with Entry)
*Please see 'Conditions below*
*All Accommodation has been pre-booked by Ironwill & allocated accordingly*
*Entry Fee is non re-fundable*
*Entry Fee Options may include*: -
     Accommodation, Meals, Goodie Bag - On event completion as a Team:- Completion Award.


Please ensure you have ALL required information before Registering e.g...
All members: email, contact numbers, Medical Aid, Next of Kin (Name & Number)
Click here to Enter Ironwill 2020
Once clicked be patient & you will be re-directed to seperate 'Registration' webpage


US$000 Minimum per Team Member
Each Team is challenged to raise in donations this minimum figure to start event for your nominated Charity or Charity’s being...
Athol Evans Home for the Aged, Child Heart Foundation, Cancer Association, Dorothy Duncan Braille Library, Island Hospice & St Giles Rehabilitation
*Minimum must be raised by 'Sponsor Collection Date' (see 'Calendar')*
Click Here to Download Donor Form-PDF

Rules, Terms & Conditions...

Click Here to Download T&C's-PDF

1. Minimum Sponsorship to start event must be receipted by 'Sponsorship Collection' date (see 'Calendar')
2. Entry Fee is Non-Refundable
3. Route & Format may change given weather or economic conditions
4. With the easier format vehicles, teams & if you require seconders only have to: -
a. Get Team & Kit to 'Pre-Race Briefing' (see 'Calendar') no later than 14:45
b. Vehicles & Seconders (if you have brought) stay at Camp from Start to Finish (see 'Calendar')
5. During the event if & where necessary ROC will transport Backpacks/Bikes.
In this case blanket/padding for bikes is compulsory & your supply for transfers
6. Team Tent/Bivy is compulsory for nights out & your supply: - Click Here for Kit List
7. Lodge accommodation is limited so please book early, otherwise you will have to camp or make alternate arrangements
9. ALL meals are your supply.
10. All other accommodation, meals, fuel etc. are at your expense, expect for Entrants Awards Ceremony Meal
11. 'Under Roof' Accommodation based on a 'first booked' basis
'Under Roof' Accommodation WILL be offered to entrants first, if there is spare then will be offered to seconders.
1. Entrants must be minimum 18 years old for ‘Ultra’ Category & 14 years old for ‘Sport & Experience’ Category unless otherwise authorised by ROC
2. Each Team must make its own transport arrangements to & from Event & if necessary...
a. Own seconders & support vehicle
b. Movement of Teams equipment where necessary & not provided by ROC
3. Team Captain must ensure that the following formalities have been completed...
a. Entry Fee is receipted by Sponsorship Collection Date. Event booklet will not be handed over until payment is receipted
b. Minimum Sponsorship has been submitted by Sponsorship Collection Date
c. Medical Aid Scheme & Number have been submitted for Team by Sponsorship Collection Date
d. By Sponsorship Collection Date where necessary all Accommodation, Meal & Award Ceremony Meal arrangements have been made with ROC
e. Entry Fee is Non-Refundable
4. All participants must be at Pre-Race Briefing NO later than 14:45 on Day 0
a. Where the Event Indemnity Form is signed by all Team Members
b. Handover any extra sponsorship collected
5. If required National Parks PERSON Entry Fees must be paid by all Entrants including Vehicle/Trailer & non-Entrants Person Entry Fees is your expense
6. A Teams total points will establish overall position - where points are tied, a count out on time will be used
a. The clock is stopped when the last Team Member crosses the finish line for each stage
b. Teams are expected to remain together at all times during the event. This will be monitored by designated ROC Marshals on all stages
c. Presenting at a Finish Point with greater than 5 metre gap will incur a Time/Point penalty
d. Presenting on the course with greater than 100 metre gap will incur a Time/Point penalty
7. Each Team must carry the required Compulsory Equipment for that stage...
a. Teams may be ‘spot checked’ by ROC Marshals at any time during the event
b. No Equipment Compulsory, Recommended or Additional may be abandoned at any point
c. A Time/Point penalty will be enforced if breached
8. No alcohol is allowed on any stage, only after each day’s completion is it allowed
9. Cut-Off times may be extended, or race route/format amended at the discretion of the ROC in the event of adverse weather or any other extenuating circumstances
10. Every effort by competitors, seconders & any others must be made to minimise impact on the environment & the Environmental Regulations that follow will be strictly enforced
11. Any violent or abusive behavior deemed not to be in the spirit of the Ironwill event will result in Disqualification or a Time/Point penalty
12. A Team caught in any ‘narrow section’ of route must, without hesitation, make way & allow the faster Team through
13. Each Stage must be completed unsupported
a. Teams must do their own repairs & carrying of fluid & food
b. Teams may be assisted by other Teams at any time
14. Except in the instance of structural failure of a bike frame, cyclists may not change to another bicycle
a. In this case the bicycle may be changed at any point, the change will be subject to the approval of a ROC Marshall
15. The ROC may, in the interests of personal safety, retire a Team from the race
16. Any flagrant & deliberate breach of the rules will result in the immediate disqualification of the Team & potential banning from future events
17. Any dispute arising from the Event Regulations or Results will be adjudicated, on the same day, by the appointed ROC Rules Committee whose decision to confirm, disqualify or penalise a Team shall be final
18. Any breach of the clauses aforementioned can result in a Team being Disqualified or incurring a Time/Point penalty