Kit List...

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Compulsory Equipment List Recommended Equipment List
On the Hike & Bike
Per Team
1 x GPS plus plenty of spare batteries
1 x Hand-Held Compass
1 x Camera
1 x Cellphone (charged & preferably Econet)
Per Team Member
2 x Water Bottle +/- 750ml and/or 1 x Hydration Pack
     advise carrying 3 Liters
1 x Headlamp/Torch plus spare batteries
1 x Whistle

On the Bike
Per Team
1 x Chain break per Team
Per Team Member
1 x Helmet
2 x Spare Tubes
1 x Tyre pump or CO2 canisters
1 x Patch Kit (be sure the glue is fresh)
Tyre tools, Allen keys

On the Hike
Per Team
1 x Small Spade/Trowel
20 Meters Nylon Rope
1 x packet Solid fuel firelighters & matches
     (all sealed in plastic)
1 x Emergency Tube or a sheet of yellow/orange
     plastic - At least 150cmx200cm
1 x Lightweight Tent or Bivvy

First Aid Kit Per Team on ALL Disciplines
Band aids 1 pkt
Micropore Strapping 1 x roll
Crepe Bandages 1 x 10cm & 1 x 15cm
Triangular Bandages x 2
Adhesive Strap RIGID 50mm 1 x roll
Adhesive Strap ELASTIC 50mm 1 x roll
Gauze Dressing Pads 1 x packet
Wound Dressing x 1
Disposable Gloves 2 x pairs

Scissors x 1
Foil Space Blanket x 1

Paracetomol Tablets x 10
Disprin Tablets x 12
Ibuprofen Capsules 400mg x 20
Valoid Tablets x 12
Imodium Capsules x 10
Betadine Ointment 1 tube
Mercurochrome Solution 50ml
Petroleum Jelly 1 small
1 x Derailleur Hangar
Tube Slime or Tubeless Tyres
1 x Spare Tyre
1 x Spare Chain
Sunblock (Body + Lips)

Walking Stick
Backpack- Men 37-65 litre - Women 37-55 litre pack
Note: Pack as light as possible
Recommended BackPack weight when packed
Men max 14 Kgs - Women/Juniors max 10 Kgs

Sleeping Bag + Plastic bag to pack it in
Mattress or Ground mat or Thermo-rest
Sunblock (Body + Lips)
Mozzie Repellent

Waterproof Windsheater or Lightweight Poncho
Tracksuit (sleeping)
All dependant on nights out
Shirts (one walking, one sleeping)
Walking Shorts (lightweight/quick-drying)
Wide Brimmed Hat
Plastic Bag/ZipLoc for dry & wet kit
Footwear- All Terrain Shoes or Walking Boots- (well worn in)
Rafters/Slops-Optional for kloofing/tubing & good for walking around camp

Cookset- Camping Gas Stove (As NO wood fires are allowed)
Fuel & Matches (in Ziploc)
Pocket Knife
Food- Light weight, high energy foods such as:-
Muesli & Powdered Milk (mixed together), Vitamins, Power Bars, Nuts & Raisins, Dried Fruit, Biltong, Jelly Babies, Rice/Noodles, Tea/Coffee, Sugar & Milk, Dehydrated Meals, Sachets of Energy Drink etc.
Note- Portion exact meal requirements into Ziploc's

Carefully calculate your & Team Compulsory, Recommended & Other kit requirements, especially for the HIKE